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Awards and Achievements

Hertfordshire County Council Children's Services is proud of its innovative, multi agency practice which has led to the winning of a number of prestigious awards and national recognition for good practice. These include:

Family Safeguarding, Hertfordshire

Following a £4.86m grant from the Department for Education's Innovation Programme, here in Hertfordshire, we are set to revolutionise child and family protection in the county.

A first in the UK, our ground-breaking Family Safeguarding model will bring together all the professionals we need, under one roof, to provide intensive support to parents to address the substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse that place children at risk of harm.

For the first time in social care history, county-wide multi-disciplinary Family Safeguarding Teams will be realised. Co-located teams of skilled professionals in children's and adult social work, domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health will work together in teams to tackle the root causes of harm in families. Our three area offices will each be supported by a clinical psychologist.

For more information and to apply please contact:

The Academy

An award winning programme developed by Hertfordshire to ensure that before joining our Safeguarding Children's teams, NQSWs have six months' intensive training, guidance and support from the outset of their ASYE, to help them develop their skills and practice as Safeguarding Social Workers. With the benefit of reduced caseloads and high levels of reflective supervision, Hertfordshire is committed to our investment in our social workers development.

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Temp Vs Perm?

There is clear evidence to show that most temps receive a higher daily or weekly rate than their permanent equivalents. However, this does not take into account the considerable tangible benefits of being permanently employed by HCC. Generous pension contributions, annual leave entitlement, free parking, access to a car lease scheme alongside market forces payments can all add up; the total reward package for a Consultant Social Worker on £39,351 equates to £60,290 - the gap between temp and perm pay is far less than you think.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

The Hertfordshire MASH brings together Police, Probation, Safeguarding Nurses and Children's Services staff, working together as a team, to share information and decision making about the best way to safeguard and meet the needs of vulnerable children in Hertfordshire.

The MASH deal with contacts and referrals sent by members of the public and professionals to Children's Services for a safeguarding response. Where the MASH team consider that the child's welfare will be better met by early help services, they will ensure referrals get to the most appropriate teams and will inform professional referrers the outcome of their request for a safeguarding assessment.

Joint Child Protection Investigation Team (JCPIT)

A multi agency team made up of police, health and social care, this specialist assessment team undertakes joint section 47 investigations. This has now been joined by HALO, our ground breaking police and social care team addressing sexual exploitation.

Project Protector

Each of our Locality Safeguarding Team benefits from two days per week dedicated Police input to ensure aggressive or avoidant families with children on protection plans are seen and their protection plans are progressed. Police colleagues also undertake out of hours visits to protect children.

Interface Team

In recognition of the complexities of joint working with Adult's Services to safeguard children, this new team provides advice, support and training to Children's Services, Probation, Adult Mental Health, Learning Disability and Substance Misuse to improve communication and promote joint working arrangements to protect children.

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